RCRA/DOT HAZMAT Training Online

RCRA Hazardous Waste & DOT HAZMAT Transportation

$195 per person
In compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulation 49 CFR 172.704, this training is for individuals who handle, manage, transport, or ship hazardous materials/waste. This includes employees who load, unload, and handle hazardous materials; select, mark, label, or modify containers or packaging; prepare materials for shipping; prepare shipping papers; are responsible for the safety of hazardous materials during shipment; and vehicle operators. This training is also referred to as HM-181.

$170 per person
In compliance with U.S. EPA regulations, this RCRA training is for individuals who deal with or manage hazardous waste. This training must be provided for these employees at the start of their job and on an annual basis.

HAZMAT Certification Courses Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs DOT HAZMAT certification?

Under Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, any worker who handles, manages, transports, or ships hazardous materials/waste needs to be DOT HAZMAT certified.

Who needs Hazardous Materials Generator certification?

Any worker who deals with or manages hazardous waste is required to be Hazardous Materials Generator certified.

Does HAZMAT certification expire?

HAZMAT certification must be renewed every 5 years. You will need to complete renewal courses to recertify.

Why should I use NET for my HAZMAT certification courses?

National Environmental Trainers (NET) are industry thought-leaders. NET pioneered the first online safety training in 1998 and are constantly working to improve our systems, courseware, and learner management features. Our online courses are intuitive, self-directed, and simple-to-use.

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