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Clay Bednarz

Clay A. Bednarz MS, RPIH - Instructor Program Manager


Leadership, Organizational Vision and Design, OSHA Compliance, Advisor and Entrepreneur


Clay Bednarz is the Founder/Owner of National Environmental Trainers, Inc., (NET) located in Augusta, Georgia and has 33 years of health and safety experience. He focuses primarily on overseeing the development of online OSHA training courses. He also serves as a liaison between the company and regulators including the U.S. OSHA Directorate of Enforcement Programs (DEP) in Washington, D.C. 

Clay Bednarz

Previously served as a Project Manager in the Environmental Restoration Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He was responsible for planning, organizing, developing and staffing teams for clean-up and restoration of complex chemical and nuclear HAZWOPER waste sites leftover from the Manhattan Project. These projects were typically multi-million dollar efforts. His project teams consisted of entry level to Ph.D team members. In 1994, he received the prestigious Department of Energy (DOE) National Pollution Prevention Award.

Prior to this, he was an Environmental Engineer in the Environmental Compliance Department for Lockheed Martin at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant. His primary responsibilities involved compliance with U.S. EPA's Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

He has also served as a regulatory consultant to the U.S. EPA at the National Analytical Radiation Environmental Laboratory in Montgomery, Alabama.


Registered Professional Industrial Hygienist (RPIH)


M.S., Hazardous and Waste Materials Management, (School of Engineering and Applied Sciences), Southern Methodist University
B.S., Biology/Chemistry, Auburn University at Montgomery
Continuing education - Industrial Hygiene and Safety from Harvard University

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