Training for Oil Spills

OSHA has issued special directives or guidance documents with respect to marine oil spill cleanup. According to these documents, some of the HAZWOPER training requirements maybe be lessened. For example, a worker retrieving tar balls on a beach may not need the 40 hour course. The beach workers could possibly receive a specialized 8 hour course and be in compliance with OSHA. All of this depends upon the OSHA permissible exposure levels (PELs) of the constituents in the oil. For workers who are on a vessel or boat and the PELs are exceeded, these workers would be required to be trained to the HAZWOPER 40 standard. Cleanup of oil on the water surface tends to be more of a occupational hazard than retrieving tar balls on a beach. Download the Training Guidance Document for Marine Oil Spills to learn what certification you need.

gulf oil spill from 2010

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