Meth Lab Remediation

OSHA requires that personnel entering a suspected clandestine methamphetamine (meth) lab to be trained to the HAZWOPER standard. Meth labs are considered to be very dangerous operations for law enforcement personnel. These labs are also very dangerous for people who "cook" or produce meth. Building or land owners are responsible for cleaning or remediation of these clandestine labs. There are several states that have promulgated regulations governing the remediation of meth labs but anyone entering one of these labs must first be trained to the HAZWOPER level.

The state regulations primarily address the cleanup action levels, training, owner responsibilities and then rely on the HAZWOPER standard for the protection of meth lab remediation workers. The 40 hour HAZWOPER course for general workers is the one to choose if you are involved with a meth lab remediation project. This course provides the fundamentals used for protection of personnel in order to safely carry out cleanup operations. Also, because of the hazardous waste that is generated during lab decontamination, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations apply. Personnel must be trained to properly handle, treat and/or store hazardous wastes. RCRA training is required for anyone who handles or manages hazardous wastes.

meth ready for distribution

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