OSHA Confined Space Regulation and Requirements

OSHA Confined Space Regulation and Requirements

A confined space is defined as one that is large enough and configured so that an employee can enter and perform work but which also has limited or restricted means for entry or exit. Some examples of confined spaces include tanks, vessels, silos, storage bins, vaults, hoppers, and pits.

Because confined spaces pose a number of risks, OSHA has implemented a set of regulations and requirements defined in OSAH regulation 29 CFR 1910.146 to prevent accidents and fatalities associated with such work areas.

confined space entry- permit required

Rules for Confined Spaces

There are six core regulations and requirements that OSHA has designated for employees working in confined spaces.

1. Recognition

Employees and safety representatives are responsible for recognizing confined spaces and identifying and understanding the associated hazards.

2. Evaluation

Confined spaces must be tested by trained individuals using suitable instruments. Confined spaces may be low in oxygen or high in flammable, explosive, or toxic gases, vapors, or dusts. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and other reference sources may need to be reviewed to determine the exposure limits of hazardous materials.

3. Controls

Certain procedures and precautions are required to allow for safe entry and may be controlled through engineering and safe work practices.

4. Confined Space Entry Permit

The heart of the entry control system is the Confined Space Entry Permit. This permit certifies that the hazards have been properly identified and evaluated and that the required precautionary procedures are in place. A permit is required for each entry into a confined space.

5. Training

Any employee working in or around the confined space must have undergone the necessary initial training along with periodic retraining to ensure continued competence.

6. Rescue

Entrants and attendants to confined spaces must be properly trained on the proper use of safety and rescue equipment and emergency rescue procedures.

Complete Your Confined Space Entry Training

As noted above, proper training is required for employees working in and around confined spaces. National Environmental Trainers has the courses needed to complete OSHA-approved confined space entry training. You can complete the training yourself or sign up a group of employees. 

This training is required for authorized entrants of confined spaces, safety attendants, supervisors, emergency response personnel, and rescue team members. Learn more about our confined space entry training and register yourself or your employees for our course today.