Registration Instructions

1. Select Courses from the menu and this will take you to the catalog of online courses.

2. Next, select the desired course by clicking on course title on the Catalog page. This will take you to the Course Description page.

3. At the right of this page there will be three options. Option 1 is for registration, option 2 is more information on the course, option 3 allows for a free course demo.

4. To register for a course, select Register and complete the required information. When you have finished, click on Submit and this will take you directly into the selected course. (Please note we use a secure server (encrypted) and your credit card information is fully protected).

5. To return to a course, simply select (click on Course Login GO button upper right corner).This will return you to your respective course with your current completed study time.

6. Once a student has completed the training by passing the exam, an e-certificate will be sent via email for printing on any standard printer. The original certificates (8×10 and wallet-card size) will follow in the postal mail within one week.

If you have any problems, click on the Contact Us link on top of this page.